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  1. Machine Learning in a nutshell

    Today one isn't surprised when a social network automatically recognizes his/her friends on an uploaded photo or when a mail service automatically get rid you of reading junk emails. But does one know how this has become possible? The short answer is - Machine Learning (or just ML, to…

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  2. Using Hidden Markov Models for speech recognition

    In the previous article we considered the simplest variant of a speech recognition application. Now I want to suggest to plunge into this topic a little deeper and consider this question more closely. So, let's say we split an audio signal into a set of frames of certain length and…

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  3. Speech recognition for dummies

    This article is devoted to understanding such interesting area of software development as Speech Recognition. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert in this stuff, so my clause will have a lot of inaccuracies, mistakes and disappointments. Nonetheless, the chief objective of this paper (as you can see from its topic) is…

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